NKS 1144 fol.
NKS 1144 fol. (1750-1799, Denmark)
Det Kongelige Bibliotek, København
Contemporary: Excerpta úr Saugunum1. (1v-3r) Egils saga Skalla-Grímssonar [Excerpts]Icelandic, Danish, LatinCopy of AM 576 a 4to2. (3v-10r) Hrólfs saga kraka [Excerpts]Icelandic, DanishCopy of AM 576 a 4to3. (10v-11v) Úlfs saga Uggasonar [Excerpts]Icelandic4. (-) Bósa saga [Excerpts and Notes]Copy of AM 576 a 4to4.1. (12r-16r:9) Bósa saga [Excerpts]Icelandic4.2. (59v:10-61r) Bósa saga [Notes]Icelandic5. (16:r10-19r:8) Króka-refs saga [Excerpts]IcelandicCopy of AM 576 a 4to6. (19r:9-28r:8) Ragnars saga loðbrókar [Excerpts]Icelandic7. (28r:9-39r:10) Sigurgarðs saga frækna [Excerpts]IcelandicCopy of AM 576 b 4to8. (29r:11-30r:5) Harðar saga [Excerpts]IcelandicCopy of AM 576 a 4to9. (30r:5-33v:18) Njáls saga [Excerpts]IcelandicCopy of AM 576 a 4to10. (33v:19-39r:5) Bærings saga [Excerpts]IcelandicCopy of AM 576 a 4to11. (39r:6-44r:8) Valdimars saga [Excerpts]IcelandicCopy of AM 576 a 4to12. (44r:9-50r:17, 54r:6-55v:6) Kjalnesinga saga [Excerpts, Notes]Icelandic, IcelandicCopy of AM 576 a 4to13. (50r:18-52v, 53r-54r:5, 55v:7-56r:15) Jökuls þáttur Búasonar [Excerpts, Notes]Icelandic, IcelandicCopy of AM 576 a 4to14. (56r:16-58v) Víga-Glúms saga [Notes]IcelandicCopy of AM 576 a 4to15. (59r-59v:9) Illuga saga Gríðarfóstra [Notes]IcelandicNote: For following item see 4.216. (61r-65v) Völsunga saga and Ragnars saga loðbrókarIcelandicCopy of AM 576 a 4to16.1. (-) Völsunga saga [Excerpts]16.2. (-) Ragnars saga loðbrókar [Notes]17. (66r-67r:3) Hálfdanar saga Eysteinssonar [Notes]IcelandicCopy of AM 576 a 4to18. (67r:4-69v:5) Göngu-Hrólfs saga [Notes]IcelandicCopy of AM 576 a 4to19. (69v:6-70r) Hákonar þáttur Hárekssonar [Notes]Icelandic20. (70v-71r) Hróa þáttur heimska [Notes]Icelandic21. (73r-74v) Nitida saga [Excerpt]IcelandicCopy of AM 576 c 4to22. (75r-75v) Sálus saga og Nikanórs [Excerpt]IcelandicCopy of AM 576 c 4to23. (76r-76r) Vilhjálms saga sjóðs [Excerpt]IcelandicCopy of AM 576 c 4to24. (76v-77v) Falentíns og Ursins saga [Excerpts]IcelandicCopy of AM 576 c 4to25. (78r:1-78r:8) Perseus rímur [Notes]IcelandicCopy of AM 576 c 4to26. (78r:9-78r:18) Apollonius saga [Notes]IcelandicCopy of AM 576 c 4to27. (78r:19-78v:10) Flóres saga konungs og sona hansIcelandicCopy of AM 576 c 4to28. (78v:11-78v:19) Flóvents saga [Notes]IcelandicCopy of AM 576 c 4to29. (78v:20-79r:6) Þjalar-Jóns saga [Notes]IcelandicCopy of AM 576 c 4to30. (79r:7-79r:20) Gabons saga og Vigoleis [Notes]IcelandicCopy of AM 576 c 4toNote: Description of the saga's origin31. (79v-80r:15) Huga saga sterka og skaplers konungsIcelandicNote: Extract32. (80r:16-80v:6) Trójumanna saga [Notes]Icelandic33. (80v:7-80v:16) Rímur af Haralldi Kvenngjarna [Notes]Icelandic34. (80v:17-81r:7) Virgilíus saga [Notes]Icelandic35. (81r:8-81r:17) Vilmundar saga viðutan [Title]Icelandic, LatinCopy of AM 576 c 4toNote: Title and rubric only36. (82r:18-82r:22) Vilhjálms saga sjóðs [Notes]IcelandicCopy of AM 576 c 4toNote: Description of the saga's origin37. (81r:23-81v:5) Saga af Theogene og CharicliaIcelandicCopy of AM 576 c 4to38. (81v:6-82r:9) Lykla-Péturs saga og Magelónu fögruIcelandicBased on AM 576 b 4toNote: Extracts and description of the story's origin39. (82r:10-82v:6) Melusina saga [Notes]Icelandic40. (82v:7-82v:10) Görg Wickram von Colmar [Notes]Icelandic41. (82v:11-82v:24) VerseÞorbjörg digraIcelandic42. (83r:1-83r:4) Historia Arturi filii Ducis Britania [Notes]Danish43. (83r:5-83r:7) Glossary entry on MabelsIcelandic44. (83r:8-83r:19) Meistari Lucius [Notes]Icelandic45. (83r:20-83v:18) List of vitæIcelandic46. (83v:19-89v) List of æfintýri and other sagasIcelandic47. (90r-93r:19) Þiðreks saga [Excerpt]Icelandic48. (93r:20-94r) Percevals saga [Excerpts]Icelandic49. (94v-95r) Erex saga [Excerpts]Icelandic50. (95v-98v) Samsons saga fagra [Excerpts]Icelandic51. (99r-99v:11) Adónías saga [Excerpts]Icelandic52. (99v:12-100r:12) Ála flekks saga [Excerpts]Icelandic53. (110r:13-106v) Ambrósíus saga og Rósamundu [Excerpts]Icelandic54. (107r-109r:2) Andra rímur [Notes]Icelandic55. (109r:3-110r:2) Bevers sagaIcelandic56. (110r:3-112r:2) Blomsturvalla saga [Notes]Icelandic57. (112r:3-114v:2) On Callinus Rímur [Notes]Icelandic58. (114v:3-116v:15) On Landres rimur [Notes]Icelandic59. (116v:16-117r:21) On Polistutors rímur [Notes]Icelandic60. (117r:22-119r:4) On rímur af Reinhalldi [Notes]Icelandic61. (119r:4-121v:7) On Grímallðs rímur [Excerpts]Icelandic62. (121v:8-122v) Jóns þáttur Vilkemssonar [Excerpts]Icelandic63. (123r-123v:12) Jóns saga leikara [Excerpts]Icelandic64. (123v:13-125r:6) Jarlmanns saga og Hermanns [Excerpts]Icelandic, Latin65. (125r:7-125r:16) Konráðs saga keisarasonar [Excerpts]Icelandic66. (125r:17-126r:18) Mírmanns saga [Excerpts]Icelandic67. (126r:19-126v:19) Nikulás saga leikara [Excerpts]Icelandic68. (126v:20-126v:25, 128r:1-128r:18) Sigurgarðs saga [Excerpts]IcelandicNote: fol. 127 is located within the two leaves of Sigurgarðs saga, however, it belongs to Sigurðar saga og Signýjar69. (128v-129r:14) Sigurgarðs saga frækna [Excerpts]Icelandic70. (129r:15-130r:9) Sigurgarðs saga og Valbrands [Excerpts]Icelandic71. (130r:10-130r:21) Sigurðar saga turnara [Excerpts]Icelandic72. (130v-132r:6) Sigurðar saga þögla [Excerpts]Icelandic73. (132r:7-134r:1, 127r-127r) Sigurðar saga og Signýjar [Excerpts, Notes]IcelandicNote: Genealogical table on fol. 127.74. (134r:2-135v:1) Tristrams saga og Ísoddar [Excerpts]Icelandic75. (135v:2-136r:8) Tiodels saga riddara [Excerpts]Icelandic76. (136r:9-136v:15) Valdimars saga [Excerpts]Icelandic77. (136v:16-138v:16) Þjalar-Jóns saga [Excerpts]Icelandic78. (139v:17-141r:16) Rémundar saga keisarasonar [Excerpts]Icelandic79. (141r:17-141v:12) Jacobus de voragine [Excerpts]LatinNote: From Legenda Aurea in palegio80. (141v:13-144r) On Amíkus rímur og Amilíus [Notes]Icelandic81. (144v-145v:13) Úlfars saga sterka [Excerpts]Icelandic82. (145v:14-147r) Úlfs saga Uggasonar [Excerpts]Icelandic83. (147v-148r:16) Elís saga og Rósamundu [Excerpts]Icelandic84. (148r:17-149r) Dámusta saga [Excerpts]Icelandic85. (149v-150r:1) Dínus saga drambláta [Excerpts]Icelandic86. (150r:2-151v:2) Esópus saga [Excerpts]Icelandic87. (151v:3-153r:8) Ferakuts saga [Excerpts]Icelandic88. (153r:9-154r:11) Flóvents saga [Excerpts]Icelandic89. (154r:12-155r:5) Flóres saga konungs og sona hans [Excerpts]Icelandic90. (155r:6-157r:5) Fertrams saga og Platós [Excerpts]Icelandic91. (157r:6-157v:17) Gibbons saga [Excerpts]Icelandic92. (167v:18-168r:16) Griseldis saga [Excerpts]Icelandic93. (169r:17-169v) Helenu saga [Excerpts]Icelandic
CodexPaperi, 169, i308mm x 198mmMaid of Dort "ALP ProPatria"; "GR" with a crown on top.Contemporary paginationAverage: generally good, but with some waterstains245mm x 140mmNoÞorlákur Magnússon ÍsfjörðHum cursivaSole
Info: Chancery for rubrics
  • Initial
  • Paratext
  • Notes and annotations in the margins in Suhm's hand. He also supplied some titles and added a note to the verso side of the front flyleaf, which he signed "PFSuhm". Below Suhm's note is a large "571", referring to the shelf mark the manuscript had in Suhm's library. Moreover, Suhm added to the title page: "B begynder p. 145. C --- p. 179."
Brown leather binding with golden imprint on the spine: floral ornaments and the title. Marbeled paper as pastedown and fore-edge painted blue.
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