NKS 1204 fol.
NKS 1204 fol. (1750-1799)
Det Kongelige Bibliotek, København
1. (1r-66v) Ketils saga hængs [Variants and excerpts]Icelandic, LatinOlof Rudbeck/Ísleifur Þorleifsson's ed. from 1697, AM 471 4toNote: Variant readings from AM 471 4to compared to Rudbeck's edition from 1697. At the end, there are several chapters given, including chapters 44, 60, 68.2. (67r-70v) Króka-Refs sagaIcelandic, LatinEditiones Islandica, AM 471 4toNote: Variant readings only from AM. 471 4to compared to Editiones Islandica
CodexPaper71, ii330mm x 210mmCoin-like watermark: "GR" in the centre, a crown on top with leaves at the side and around it; a small maid of Dort "ProPatria".Contemporary pagination: separately paginated.Average246mm x 155mmNoM. MagnusenHum cursivaSole
  • Suhm added on fol. 1r"af Magnussen"
Plain (contemporary)
Thin paper binding; watermark on the past-down: "Honig et Zoonen" with a coat of arms on the same page: top looks like a crown, a simple loop inside it
Peter Frederik Suhm: OwnerNote: Formerly Suhm's collection no 966 fol.
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