Papp. fol. nr 63
Papp. fol. nr 63 (1683-1691, Sweden)
Kungliga biblioteket, Stockholm
1. (1r-30r) Hjálmþérs sagaIcelandicCopy of Papp. 4to nr 6.Note: Older vers.
CodexPaperiv, 30, iNote: The front cover of an older paper binding is now the second flyleaf.320mm x 205mmTwo lions holding a small emblem with a large crown on top. "AI" on the opposite site.Later foliation: Modern foliation on every tenth pageGood250mm x 90mmNote: 2 columns, but only written in the inner column.Yes-- REF NOT VALID! --KurrentMajor
Info: Arngrímur Jónsson wrote the text
Guðmundur ÓlafssonKurrentMinor
Info: Guðmundur Ólafsson added the rubrics
  • Initial: Initials in black ink, slightly decorated.
  • Paratext: Slightly enlarged and decorated, black ink
  • Paratext: Paratext around the catchwords.
  • Three slips with the shelfmark glued to the older front cover, traces of shelfmark note also on the thick paper itself. Chapter headings added in a slightly different hand.
Moderately decorated (later)
Modern cardboard binding with marbeled paper on the boards; spine and corners in white leather. The golden imprint on the spine reads: "Cod. Isl Papp. Fol. N:o 63". The front cover of an older binding is preserved in the front of the manuscript.
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