NKS 908 4to
NKS 908 4to (1700-1799)
Det Kongelige Bibliotek, KøbenhavnFormer shelf mark: Suhm's collection no. 82 4to
1. (1r-16r) Sögubrot af nokkrum fornkonungum í Dana og Svíaveldi (defective)Icelandicse ek at þettaer til var sott um alla vikinaNote: Begins and ends defective
CodexPaper16218mm x 167mmBeehiveNone: On the last leaf, the folio number 16 is added later in pencilAverage130mm x 115mmNoUnknownFracturaSole
  • Initial: Very slight decoration of initials
  • Few marginalia by Suhm. On fols. 15v-16r there are variant readings with Latin notes in the margins (different hand). The shelfmark is written on both the inside of the front cover and an inserted loose slip.
Plain (contemporary)
Plain paper binding.
Peter Frederik Suhm: Owner
Last update: 2013-05-21



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