Papp. fol. nr 20
Papp. fol. nr 20 (1684-1691)
Kungliga biblioteket, Stockholm
Contemporary: Hic incipitur Wolsungorum Historia sive Relatio de Sigurdo Serpenstis Occisore1. (1r-128r) Völsunga saga [Latin]LatinHic incipitur Wolsungorum historia sive Relatio de Sigurdo Serpenstis Occiosoris nomen prafert. Cap. I. De Breda servo à Sigam summa inibi paupertate educaturNote: Latin transl. by Jón Vigfússon
CodexPaperii, 128325mm x 205mm"AS", A fool with a pointed collar of seven equally long points, the central one has an addition which ends in three balls. On the flyleaves, the watermark is a bee hive with floral ornaments around it. Below the hive, the year "1839" is written, and "HOWARD" on the opposite site of the bifolio.Contemporary pagination and later foliation: GoodNote: The outer column is blank.270mm x 65mmYesJón VigfússonHum cursivaSole
  • On the first front flyleaf, a later hand noted "Island. Chart. in folio. No 20. Inbunden år 1843 G. O. H. C. Närvarande öfversättning er gjort och skrifven af Isändaren Jonas Wigfusson.".
Moderately decorated (later)
Cardboard binding with leather spine. Title in golden letters on the spine: "Wolsungorum HISTORIA. Latine p. J. Vigfusson"
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