GKS 2845 4to
GKS 2845 4to (1440-1460, Iceland)
Stofnun Árna Magnússonar í íslenskum fræðum, Reykjavík
1. (1r-13r) Bandamanna sagaIcelandic2. (13r-19v) Norna-Gests þátturIcelandic3. (19v-26r) Orms þáttur StórólfssonarIcelandic4. (26r-32r) Rauðúlfs þátturIcelandicNote: The text is printed in Heimskringla III 1991 but follows a different manuscript.5. (32r-39v) Hálfs saga og HálfsrekkaIcelandic6. (39v-54v) Göngu-Hrólfs saga (defective)IcelandicNote: Gap between fols. 52 and 53. In Fornaldar sögur Nordrlanda III 1830, the gap begins on p. 282, line 27 and ends on p. 353, line 18. Ending is also missing. The text of the manuscript ends on p. 363, line 22 in Fornaldar sögur Nordrlanda III 1830. 7. (55r-59r) Yngvars saga víðförla (defective)IcelandicNote: Beginning missing. The text begins on p. 27, line 8 in STUAGNL XXXIX 1912. Also gap between fols. 57 and 58. In the edition, the gap begins on p. 40, line 11, and ends on p. 43, line line 18. 8. (59v-61v) Eiríks saga víðförla (defective)IcelandicNote: Gap between fols. 59 and 60. In the edition Editiones Arnamagnæanæ B 29, 1983, the gap begins on p. 18, line 36, and ends on p. 70, line 190. 9. (61v-73v) Hervarar saga og Heiðreks (defective)IcelandicNote: Gap between fols. 65 and 66. In the edition STUAGNL XLVIII 1924, the gap begins on p. 32, line 11, and ends on p. 34, line 1. Ending is also missing. In the edition STUAGNL XLVIII 1924, the text ends on p. 88, line 23.
CodexParchment73178mm x 132mmLater foliationAverage: Pages missing, some pages cut, and text unclear in some places.130mm x 112mmUnknownTextualisMajor
Info: I. 1r-32r:5 and 55r-73v.
Info: II. 32r:6-54v.
  • Initial: Red initials or traces of them throughout.
  • Initial: Flourished initials with black ink.
  • Paratext (coloured): Red rubrics or traces of them.
  • Illustration: Many marginal illustrations: animals, dragons, heads.
  • Extensive marginalia, cf. Jón Helgason 1955:xiii-xiv.
  • Fol. 5v and 13v: additions by scribe.
  • Fol. 31r, beginning of a psalm later found in Guðbrandur's book of psalms in 1589 (see Páll E. Ólason 1924:78).
  • Fol. 53r: "Fragmenta Islandica". Written after the manuscript arrived in Copenhagen, but before the leaf was placed in its current place: (Jón Helgason 1955:ix).
  • Fols. 35v, 41v, 48r and 59r: names and articles written by owner (see provenance).
  • Fol. 16v: addition of illegible text in manuscript by a hand from the 17th century begins on 17r.
  • Fols. 3v, 63v and 73v: addition of illegible words and sentences in manuscript.
  • Fols. 63v and 64r-v, 65r-v, 73r-v: letter v to signal poem in the text.
  • Fols. 70v-72r: Poems in the text numbered in roman numbers.
  • Fols. 6r, 9v, 10r, 32v, 37v, 38v (and more): Remarks of various content and pen-trials.
  • Titles of sagas which are the youngest additions. According to Jón Sigurðsson, they were written by Jón Eiríksson, book-keeper at Det kongelige bibliotek (1781-1787).
  • Fol. 2v and 72v: Stamp from Det kongelige bibliotek.
Moderately decorated (later)
Dimensions: 192mm x 129mm x 58mm. Two wooden boards sewn with three leather threads.
Þormóður Torfason: OtherChristian V Kong af Danmark : OwnerÁsgeir Jónsson: CopistEyjólfur Jónsson: OwnerNikulás Einarsson: UnknownAmbiguous: UnknownAmbiguous: UnknownAmbiguous: UnknownAmbiguous: UnknownDet Kongelige Bibliotek: RepositoryÞormóður Torfason bought the manuscript in Iceland in 1662 for the Danish king, and it was moved to Det kongelige bibliotek in Copenhagen. In 1682-1704, Þormóður borrowed it in Stangarland and Ásgeir Jónsson made a copy of it. Many articles have been written about the provenance of the manuscript before it was owned by the king. Jón Helgason believes that Þormóður got it in Hólar (Jón Helgason 1955:xiv-xv, xvii.). Some names appear in the margins: Eyjólfur Jónsson, who says that he owns "þessa skitna skræðu" (35v), Nikulás Einarsson (possibly from Reykjahlíð) (41v), Kolbeinn (48r), Bjarni Jónsson (48r), Þorleifur? (48r) and Guðríður Benediktsdóttir (59r).
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