Papp. 8vo nr 8
Papp. 8vo nr 8 (1651, Iceland)
Kungliga biblioteket, Stockholm
1. (1r-11v) Þorsteins þáttur bæjarmagns (defective)Icelandichann færde konge eiin gull hringklorad þann 11 november anno 1651 Note: begins defective2. (12r-41r:9) Sigrgarðar saga ok valbrandarIcelandic3. (41r:10-59r) Þjalar-Jóns sagaIcelandicHier bÿriar þjalarJons søguWylhialmr hefur kongr heijtit hann riedi firir vallandiliet odrum til gamans og skemtunar AMEN4. (60r-98v) Göngu-Hrólfs sagaIcelandicHier biriast saga af gaungu hrolfeþad er upphaf a søgu þessare ad Hreggvidur er konungr nefndur5. (99r-135v) Sigurðar saga þöglaIcelandic6. (136r-140v:25) Placidus sagaIcelandic7. (140v:26-146) ÆfintýrIcelandicNote: Seemingly five different unidentified æfinyri
CodexPaperiii, 146, iii165-175mm x 95-110mmFoliated: Not consistent, pencil leaf numbers appear intermittently.Poor: A great deal of water damage, some repairs have been made to the worst affected leaves.125-150mm x 85-100mmYesUnknownKurrentSole
  • Fols. 17v and 18r, various pen trials, notes and comments have been written on two previously blank pages.
  • Fol. 59v, various notes and comments have been written on a previously blank page.
Moderately decorated (later)
Marbelled paper on cardboard. The spine and the corners are in white leather. On the spine the shelfmark is imprinted with golden letters. "COD. ISL. PAPP. 8:o N:o 8". A previous binding made from a medieval parchment leaf containing a religious text in Latin has been bound in when the volume was rebound. It appears that some kind of clasp was made from thin strips of the parchment and these are still present. The leaf is extremely dark and the text faded.
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