NKS 1205 fol.
NKS 1205 fol. (1750-1799, Denmark)
Det Kongelige Bibliotek, København
ContemporaryNote: With correcetions by Suhm1. (2r-4r) IntroductionLatin, GreekCopy of Rudbeck's ed..2. (4v-77r) Ketils saga hængsIcelandic, LatinRudbeck's ed.Note: Old Norse and Latin texts side by side3. (77v-308v) Gríms saga loðinkinnaIcelandic, LatinCopy of Rudbeck's ed.Note: Old Norse and Latin texts side by side4. (309r-338r) Sörla þátturIcelandic, LatinJón Guðmundsson's ed.Note: Old Norse and Latin texts side by side
CodexPaperi, 338, ii294mm x 200mm"GR" with a crown on top; Maid of Dort.Contemporary paginationGood240mm x 130mmNoGuðmundur Helgason ÍsfoldHum cursivaSole
Info: Hum cursiva for main text, chancery for rubrics and title
  • Notes on the margins of the Icelandic text, some by P.F. Suhm, who also signed on fol. 1r: "Havniæ 1776 PFSuhm"
Brown leather binding with golden imprint on spine: "KETILLI HÆNGII ET GRIMONIS HIRSUTIGENA HISTORIA" and floral ornaments
Peter Frederik Suhm: Owner
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