Ms Germ qu. 935
Ms Germ qu. 935 (1805-1810, Germany)
Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin - Preußischer Kulturbesitz, Berlin
1. (1-129) Völsunga sagaNote: copy of Biörner's ed.2. (131-132) Index of names in Völsunga saga3. (133-198) Ragnars saga loðbrókarNote: copy of Biörner's ed.4. (201-234) Áns saga bogsveigisNote: copy of Biörner's ed.5. (237-266) Norna-Gests þátturNote: copy of Biörner's ed.6. (267-275) Helga þáttur ÞórissonarNote: copy of Biörner's ed.7. (277-313) Þorsteins þáttur bæjarmagnsNote: copy of Biörner's ed.
CodexPaperi, 158, i210mm x 165mmYesContemporary pagination: Items 1 and 2 paginated separately in ink on top outer corners, item 1 probably by a contemporary hand, item 2 by the scribe (Grimm).Later pagination: In pencil on top outer corners on every recto-page after items 1 and 2.Good200mm x 108mmUnknownKurrentMajor
Info: Pp. 1-129 and 201-313.
Jacob Ludwig GrimmKurrentMinor
Info: Pp. 131-198.
  • Other: Chapter headings underlined in red ink.
  • Table of contents on fly-leaf and marginal notes and corrections by Grimm. A dried and pressed leaf (Black Poplar?) is kept with the manuscript.
Plain (contemporary)
Bound in cardboard covered with paper.
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