Perg. 4to nr 7
Perg. 4to nr 7 (1300-1324, Iceland)
Kungliga biblioteket, Stockholm
1. (1r-9v) Konráðs saga keisarasonar (defective)Icelandicat ek skal keppa2. (10r-27v:30) Hrólfs saga Gautrekssonar (defective)Icelandic[...] til at ketill var x vetra3. (27v:30-39r:34) Jómsvíkinga sagaIcelandicHer hefr upp iomsuikinga saugu4. (39r:34-43r) Ásmundar saga kappabanaIcelandicHer hefr upp saugo Asmundar er kalladr er kappa bani5. (43v-57r:20) Örvar-Odds sagaIcelandicGrimr het madr lodinkinniNote: older vers.6. (57r:20-58v) Egils saga Skallagrímssonar (defective)IcelandicUlfr het madr. hann var son bialfaok fer vm sumarit inn i sogn en for heim norðr er haustadi.
CodexA combination of materialsiv, 60, iiiNote: Two leaves inserted between fols. 9 and 10.225mm x 160mmWatermark on inserted paper leafs: two lions holding a coat of arms with a crown on top.Foliated: Older foliation 51-59 and 75-122 in the bottom margin.Average: The leaves are well preserved, although some text lost during trimming. The binding is in a rather poor condition.195mm x 140mmNoUnknownTextualisMinor
Info: Fols. 1-9 were written alternately by two scribes.
Info: Fols. 1-9 were written alternately by two scribes.
Info: 10r-58v
  • Initial: red ink
  • Paratext: rubrics in red ink and squiggles
  • A total of nine blank leaves were added during binding. 2 parchment, 7 paper leaves: 4 paper leaves in front, now counted as front flyleaves, 2 paper leaves between items 1 and item 2; the 2 parchment leaves and 1 paper leaf in the back, counted as back flyleaves. A later scholar added on the recto side of the second front flyleaf in black ink: "Isl. in 4o No 7 1. Konráðs Saga keisarasonar. Frgm. 2. Hrólfs S Gautrekssonar. Frgm. 3. Jómsvíkinga Saga. 4. Ásmundar Saga kappabana. 5. Ørvarodds Saga. 6. Egils Saga. Frgm. Från begynnelsen af 14de århundr.t". Another hand in pencil wrote: "Begagnades(?) 1877 i Lund af docenten Cederschiöld. ja ända till 1882". On the recto side of the first back flyleaf, another table of contents is added, written in different hands and with page numbers. In the margins, a few additions can be seen, e.g. musical notes on fol. 24v. In between the front flyleaves, two smaller loose leaves are found, one being a facsimile of one of the leaves, the other being a slip with notes from counting the leaves.
Moderately decorated (later)
Marbeled paper on cardboard; leather spine and corners. Different stickers with the shelf mark were fastened on the spine and front cover.
Jørgen Seefeld: OwnerThe manuscript used to be part(s) of a larger codex. The other surviving remnants are now found in AM 580 4to.
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