Ms Germ qu. 27
Ms Germ qu. 27 (1806, Iceland)
Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin - Preußischer Kulturbesitz, Berlin
Contemporary1. (2r:1-26v:12) ReykdælasagaIcelandicRitud á Qvennabrecku 1806. af ThThorsteinsyni2. (27r:1-37r:23) Valla-Ljóts sagaIcelandicRitad á qvennabrecku 1806. af Th. Thorsteinsyni.3. (37v:1-50v:22) Vápnfirðinga sagaIcelandicRitud at qvennabrecku 1806. af Th. Thorsteinssyni.4. (51r:1-54r:16) Brandkrossa þátturIcelandic5. (54r:17-68r:5) Droplaugarsonar sagaIcelandicRitad á Qvennabrecku árid 1806. af Th. Thorsteinsyni6. (69r:1-74v:10) Hákonar þáttur HárekssonarIcelandic7. (74v:11-75v:11) Þorsteins þáttur forvitnaIcelandic8. (75v:12-76v:24) Þorsteins þáttur Austfirðings9. (77r:1-80v:25) Bragða-Ölvis sagaIcelandic10. (80v:26-85v:17) Hrómundar saga GripssonarIcelandicRitad á Qvennabrecku 1806 af Th. Thorsteinssyni11. (86r:1-99r:23) Hálfdanar saga EysteinssonarIcelandicRitad á Qvennabrecku af Th. Thorsteinsyni 180612. (99v:1-136r:17) Göngu-Hrólfs sagaIcelandicRitad á qvennabrecku árit 1806, lokid 31. Maij af Th:Thorsteinsyni
CodexPaperi, 137, i208mm x 162mmYesLater foliation: Foliated in top right corners, including the added leaf with the translation of the title-page.Good150mm x 125mmÞórður ÞorsteinssonKurrentSole
Info: Þórður Þorsteinsson á Kvennabrekku
  • Mixed: Title-page framed with red colour. Blueish-green book-block. Decorated initial over 4 lines on fol. 54r.
  • A translation by Rühs of the title-page into German, including some information on the content of the sagas, is added to the front of the manuscript. On the front fly-leaf traces of a note is visible. Numbered paper reading marks glued to the outer margins at beginnings of new items.
Moderately decorated (contemporary)
Wooden boards covered with dark-brown leather with embossing (frames with flowers?), now very worn.
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