E 8630
E 8630 (1640-1680, Sweden)
Riksarkivet, StockholmFormer shelf mark: Skoklostersamling I, E8630
1. (1r-31r) Hervarar sagaIcelandic, SwedishNote: f. 30v is blank and 31r has notes in Swedish on the saga.2. (31v-32r) Notes copied from a bookLatinEx. lib. Ecclesia Cathedralis Upsaliensis, p.2763. (33r-45r) Bósa saga og HerrauðsIcelandicAnno 1662 finis4. (48r-59v) Gautreks saga og Gjafa-RefsIcelandicAf Gautreki och Hrolfiþar hefum vier eina katliga frasogu af...Note: After the description on f. 48r there is a blank leaf, and the text proper starts on f.50r.5. (62r-123v) Hrólfs saga GautrekssonarIcelandic, SwedishCap. XII.þar hefium vier þessa frá saugu er Gautrekur kongurNote: Written as a continuation of the previous saga after two blank leaves ff.60-61. Note: Followed by four blank leaves.5. (128r-133v) Ólafs saga Tryggvasonar (defective)IcelandicFragmentum Historiæ Olafs Tryguasons Norvegiæ Regis6. (134v-135v) Unknown kvæði (defective)IcelandicOgradr sa audan armgriots trana fliota
CodexPaper135325mm x 210mmNonePoor268mm x 168mmYesJón Jónsson RugmannKurrentMajor
Info: Ff. 1-123
Olof VereliusKurrentMinor
Info: Ff. 128-135
  • Illustration: On f. 134r there is a full-page drawing of a king in a crown holding a book and an axe with a shield bearing a unicorn emblem before him. Next to it is written: "Olafs dÿrd".
  • There are many marginal notes throughout the manuscript.
  • A slip of paper has been pasted in between the boards and the first leaf. On it has been written the following: "Thetta exemplaret af Herwara Saga är iherförn wäst recommendabelt, at that er något fullkomligarn, ån that trykt exemplaret och skrifwit wid islandaren Rugmans egnu hand. mig är det skiånkt i Decem 1743 af Professoren Skyttianum i Uppsala Mr Johna Ihre. Bielke."
  • Beneath the text on f. 133v is written and afterwards crossed out: "Olafs dÿrd dÿrd dyrd Brinþværi dÿrd dÿrd Fÿreadal Brintvari Grimhilldur Saugu boanda Kalmars"
Moderately decorated (contemporary)
The volume is bound in patterned brown leather, somewhat worn, with two holes on both the front and the back cover where originally some sort of fastening would have been, although nothing remains of it. On the spine there is a white paper label, upon which has been written "11. Hervarar saga." The manuscript is clearly made up of 9 quires which are coming off the binding. A parchment leaf, apparently medieval and bearing Greek script in black and red ink, has been used as a strip in attaching the quires to the boards.
Johan Ihre: OwnerCarl Gustav Bielke: Owner
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