Papp. 4to nr 56
Papp. 4to nr 56 (1786, Sweden)
Kungliga biblioteket, Stockholm
1. (1r-298v) Örvar-Odds sagaIcelandic, SwedishNote: younger vers.Note: The volume is laid out as a printed volume with an introduction for the reader, the Old Norse text on the left and the Swedish text on the right, followed by an index at the back of the volume.
CodexPaperii, 298, ii240mm x 185mmFleur de Lis with 'JKool'.Contemporary pagination: The pagination runs from f. 5v onwards but starts with '4'. Good164mm x 132mmYesMagnus AdlerstamKurrentSole
Moderately decorated (contemporary)
The boards are cardboard covered in marbelled red, orange and green paper on the inside covers. The volume is bound in green leather with a gilt border on the front and back covers and gilt decoration on the spine. On the spine a red leather section contains the inscription "SAGA OM ORVAR ODDER". A paper label also attached to the spine reads "Isl. pp 4o 56.". The book block has a gilt fore-edge.
1786SwedenNote: On f. 4r it states that this manuscript is based on a translation made a few years earlier in 1783.
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