LUB 4to nr 6
LUB 4to nr 6 (1700-1799)
Universitets Bibliotek, LundFormer shelf mark: Bibl. Mscr. H. b) Saga L. 4˚ 6
ContemporaryNote: The title page is an attempt to reproduce the appearance of the title page from the printed edition. 'Sagan af ILLAUGA GRŸDARFOSTRA Eller Illuge Grÿdur Fostre. Fordom på gammal Göthiske skrifwen, och nu på svensku uttolkud af Gudmund Olofsson, Reg: Translat: Lingv: Antiquae. Tryckt i Upssala Anno 1695'1. (2r-21r) Illuga saga GríðarfóstraIcelandic1. Capitule - Upphaf Sigurdar og IllaugaSa kongur riede fýrir Danmorko er Hringur hietog lukum wier swo þessare sogu af Illauga, Grydar FostraCopy of Guðmundur Ólafsson's Edition (Uppsala 1695).Note: Text in the first column, to the left.2. (2r-21r) Illuga saga GríðarfóstraSwedish1. Capitlet - Om Sigurds ock Illauges upphafCopy of Guðmundur Ólafsson's Edition (Uppsala 1695).Note: Text in the second column, to the right.
CodexPaper24210mm x 168mmMaid of DortNonePoor: Binding is falling off. Some interior pages have become detached.Note: The Old Norse text has fewer written lines (18-20) than the translated text (22-25)Note: Words per column, 2-4 in text, 205 in translation.167mm x 125mmYesUnknownKurrentSole
  • On the title page a later hand has added 'Bibl. Mscr. H. b) Saga L. 4˚ 6'
Moderately decorated (contemporary)
Binding is made of marbled paper pasted onto paper taken from a printed book (the text is Latin). On the back cover, the marbled paper has fallen off that taken from a printed book.
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