Papp. 4to nr 32
Papp. 4to nr 32 (1650-1674, Iceland)
Kungliga biblioteket, Stockholm
1. (1bisr-1bisv) 16 VersesIcelandicVysa Hin FirstaGud Bor Alla yþor, Annest Viþer greipz (?)saga þeir? giæfe. sende þ. gudz i hende.Skrifaþ i Staþarenz Arresthtwz J Kiöbenhafn þann 14. Junij Anno 16802. (1r-10r) Ketils saga hængsIcelandic3. (10v-14v) Gríms saga loðinkinnaIcelandicAnno 1676 8 Augustij4. (15r-58v) Örvar-Odds saga (defective)Icelandic5. (59r-96v) Finnboga saga ramma (defective)Icelandic6. (97r-130v:15) Sigurðar saga þögla (defective)Icelandic7. (130v:16-138v) Þjalar-Jóns sagaIcelandic
CodexPaperv, 139, iii210mm x 165mmLarge foolscap, the middle point extended and ending in three large circlesLater foliation: Average160-185mm x 120-140mmYesJón EggertssonKurrentMajor
Info: Jón Eggertsson wrote fols. 1r-58v and 97r-130v:15. He used kurrent for the main text and chancery for rubrics.
Þorlákur SigfússonChanceryMinor
Info: Fols. 59r-69r:2
Sigurður JónssonChanceryMinor
Info: Fols. 130v:16-138v
UnknownEarly kurrentMinor
Info: Fols. 69r:2-96v, mixed script with most aspects of early kurrent
  • Initial: ornaments in black ink
  • Other: rubrics decorated
  • Paratext
  • Scholarly note in the margins, notes and stickers with the shelfmark on the former front cover and the following flyleaf. 16 Verses written by Jón Eggertsson in Copenhagen 4th of June 1686 on the sixth front-flyleaf.
Moderately decorated (later)
Marbeled paper on cardboard. The spine and the corners are in white leather. On the spine the shelf mark is imprinted with golden letters. A former front cover is preserved and now counted as a flyleaf.
1650-1674IcelandNote: Three parts; the oldest one by Þorlákur Sigfússon was written in Iceland. The part by Jón Eggerstson was possibly written in Denmark. It was put together in Copenhagen.
Jón Eggertsson: OwnerAntikvitetskollegiet: OwnerThe manuscript was put together from different parts by Jón Eggertsson and handed over to the Swedish Antikvitetskollegiet in 1686.
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