AM 576 c 4to
AM 576 c 4to (1690-1710, Iceland)
Stofnun Árna Magnússonar í íslenskum fræðum, Reykjavík
1. (1r-65v) Excerpts from sagasIcelandicNote: Some pages blank.1.1. (1r-3v) Nitida sagaIcelandicNote: Excerpt.1.2. (4r-5r) Sálus saga og NikanórsIcelandicNote: Excerpt.1.3. (6r-6v) Vilhjálms saga sjóðsIcelandicNote: Excerpt.1.4. (8r-8r) Perseus rímurIcelandicNote: Excerpt.1.5. (9r-9r) Apolloníus sagaIcelandicNote: Excerpt.1.6. (11r-11v) Flóvents sagaIcelandicNote: Excerpt.1.7. (12r-12r) Þjalar-Jóns sagaIcelandicNote: Excerpt.1.8. (13r-14r) Fortunatus sagaIcelandicNote: Excerpt.1.9. (15r-15r) Gabons saga og VigoleisIcelandicNote: Excerpt.1.10. (18r-18r) Vilmundar saga viðutanIcelandicNote: Excerpt.1.11. (19r-19r) Vilhjálms saga sjóðsIcelandicNote: Excerpt.1.12. (20r-20r) Theogene saga og CharicliaIcelandicNote: Excerpt.1.13. (21r-25r) Lykla-Péturs saga og Magelónu fögruIcelandicNote: Excerpt.1.14. (26r-27r) Rémundar saga og MelissínuIcelandicNote: Excerpt.1.15. (33r-33r) Sigurðar saga þöglaIcelandicNote: Excerpt.1.16. (40r-42r) Trönu þátturIcelandicNote: Excerpt.1.17. (43r-44r) Salómons saga og MarkólfsIcelandicNote: Excerpt.1.18. (45r-49r) Flóres rímurIcelandicNote: Excerpt.1.19. (50r-51r) Sveins rímur MúkssonarIcelandicNote: Excerpt.1.20. (53r-55r) Dínus saga dramblátaIcelandicNote: Excerpt.1.21. (56r-56r) Nikulás saga leikaraIcelandicNote: Excerpt.Note: Also lists Icelandic "lygisögur" and fables. Some comments on Icelandic and foreign literature of the same kind.
CodexPaperi, 66, i163mm x 104mmYesNoneGood127mm x 75mmÁrni MagnússonKurrentSole
Plain (later)
Binding from 1981.
Árni Magnússon: OwnerÁrni Magnússon wrote the excerpts for himself.
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