Papp. 4to nr 30
Papp. 4to nr 30 (1683-1695, Sweden)
Kungliga biblioteket, Stockholm
1. (1r-88v) HeimskringlaIcelandic1.1. (1r-6v) Formáli1.2. (7r-76r) Ynglinga sagaIcelandicCopy of Papp. fol. nr. 18.1.3. (77r-88v) Halfdans saga svartaIcelandicCopy of Papp. fol. nr. 18.2. (89r-148v) Hálfdanar saga EysteinssonarIcelandicCopy of Papp. fol. nr. 62.Note: B-vers.3. (156r-244v) Hjálmþérs sagaIcelandicDerived from Papp. 4to nr. 6 and Papp. fol. nr. 63.Note: older vers.4. (246r-295v) Friðþjófs sagaIcelandicCopy of Papp. fol. nr. 56.Note: younger vers.5. (298r-374r) Egils saga einhenda og Ásmundar berserkjabanaIcelandicCopy of Papp. fol. nr. 56.6. (358r-419v) Sturlaugs saga starfsamaIcelandicCopy of Papp. fol. nr. 56.Note: older vers.7. (420r-579v) Göngu-Hrólfs sagaIcelandicCopy of Papp. fol. nr. 88.
CodexPaperiv, 586, iii210mm x 160mmDifferent watermarks, e.g. a foolscap, two lions holding a coat of arms with a crown on top and circular watermark with floral ornaments and an image in the centre.Later foliation: Good150mm x 100mmYesGuðmundur ÓlafssonKurrentSole
Info: Kurrent for main text, chancery for rubrics
  • Initial: same ink as main text
  • Other: rubrics in same ink as main text
  • Paratext: same ink as main text
  • A total of seven, almost full-sized leaves are added in front of the different sagas or parts. Fol. 281bis (part 5) is newer than the rest, probably a replacement for the original. Scholarly notes in the margins. On the former front cover, there are two stickers with the shelfmark and a note: "Sagor på Isländska vtan Version 7 Stycken N: 30 isldandica"
Moderately decorated (later)
Marbeled paper on cardboard. The spine and the corners are in white leather. On the spine the shelfmark is imprinted with golden letters. A former front cover is preserved and now counted as a flyleaf.
Antikvitetskollegiet: Commissioner
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