Säfstaholmssamlingen I Papp. 13
Säfstaholmssamlingen I Papp. 13 (1700-1799, Sweden)
Riksarkivet, Stockholm
1. (1r-121v) Göngu-Hrólfs sagaSwedishNote: Swedish transl.2. (123r-272v) Hrólfs saga krakaSwedishNote: Swedish transl. by Biörner, copy of KVHAA (H.3. (274r-349v) Hálfdanar saga EysteinssonarSwedishNote: Swedish transl., copy of Papp. 4to nr 51 whic4. (353r-369r) Ásmundar saga kappabanaSwedish5. (370r-419r) Samsons saga fagraSwedishSamson Fagras Saga Af den Gambla Giöthiskan In på wårt nu wahnlige språk Verterat af Georg Dahlstedt Anno 1702Note: Short version6. (422r-497r) Hjálmþérs sagaSwedish7. (501r-514r) Samsons saga fagraSwedishEtt Uttog af Samson then Fagres Saga Och thes andra del, Om Nordurlanda Skipan Eller Norrlands DelningNote: Short version8. (514v-532v) Þorsteins þáttur bæjarmagnsSwedish9. (533r-537v) Sigurðar sagaSwedishUttog af Sigurs SagaOm en Siödrabning wid en Ö uti Jättalandet
CodexPaperi, 538205mm x 158mmYesContemporary pagination: Only the last three items, which form an independent block, have pagination 1-77, though towards the end much of it has been trimmed off. Items 7, 8 and 9 are not bound in to the codex. The seem to have simply been placed between the final leaf (f.500) of the codex and the back cover; thus it may be more correct to consider the book block as consisting of 500 leaves.Good165mm x 135mmYesUnknownKurrentMajor
Info: Item 1
Info: Items 2-5
Info: Item 6
Info: Items 7-9
  • A family tree diagram appears on f. 122v.
  • A family tree diagram appears on f. 273r.
Moderately decorated (contemporary)
The volume is bound in white parchment, somewhat stained. On the spine there is written in ink "M. S. S. Gange Hrolfs. Hrolf Krakes Halfdan Östenssons Asmund Kappabans Samson Fragras Hialmters oc Olvers Sagor.". On two white labels below are printed: "S4" and "F.13" and "F.23". The fore-edge of the book block is speckled brown and red.
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