Lbs 2796 4to
Lbs 2796 4to (1780-1805, Iceland)
Landsbókasafn Íslands, Reykjavík
1. (1r-24v) Cyrus saga PersakonungsIcelandic2. (25r-62v) Hrólfs saga krakaIcelandicCopy of HSk 452 4to which itself derived from AM fol. 12 c., 3. (63r-88r) Þorsteins saga VíkingssonarIcelandic4. (88v-99v) Friðþjófs sagaIcelandic5. (100r-109r) Áns saga bogsveigisIcelandic6. (110r-151v) Starkaðar saga gamlaSnorri Björnsson á HúsafelliIcelandicNote: Parts left out (indicated by blank spaces)7. (152r-159v) Sögubrot af nokkrum fornkonungum í Dana og Svíaveldi (Exerot)IcelandicNote: Brávallabardagi only (starts with chapter 10)10. (160r-167r) Skálda sagaIcelandic8. (167v-168v) Af Upplendinga konungumIcelandic9. (169r-175v) Ragnarssona þátturIcelandicSaga af Loðbrókarsonum11. (176r-181r) Hauks þáttur hábrókarIcelandic12. (182r-188v) Færeyinga saga Icelandic13. (190r-194v) Hákonar þáttur HárekssonarIcelandic14. (195r-203v) Játvarðar saga helgaIcelandic15. (204r-208v) Jóns saga biskups HalldórssonarIcelandic16. (210r-215v) Sagan af Álfa-ÁrnaIcelandic
CodexPaperii, 216, i210mm x 165mmWatermark with the inscriptions 'Det Ørholmske' and 'Interessentskab', probably only on the first four added leaves.Contemporary pagination: Origial pagination in the upper outer corner, separate for each text.Good: The manuscript is in quite good condition, corners bent.160mm x 115mmNoHalldór HjálmarssonHum cursivaSole
  • Paratext: Red frames bordering the text.

  • Variants in the margin, the text was collated with another text called 'A.' Perhaps by the same scribe. First four leaves added later containing a list of contents and indicating the name of the scribe.
    • In the front, there is a slip reading: "Bók þessi er skrifud af Conrector Halldori Hiálmarssyni "
    • On the first front fly leaf, there ist a list of contents, added by Bogi Benediktsson of Staðarfell (cf. Slay 1970:265)
    Plain (later)
    Leather cover without wooden plates. Industrial leather with a stamp, lines and holes in it. Hard to tell what it was before. Dimensions: 220mm x 180mm x 30mm Binding is in rather poor condition.
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