NKS 1801 4to
NKS 1801 4to (1700-1799)
Det Kongelige Bibliotek, KøbenhavnFormer shelf mark: Suhm's collection no. 334 4to
ContemporaryNote: Separate titlepages for some items, all with note on exemplars1. (1v-6v) Samsons saga fagra [Variants]IcelandicVariants from AM 120 8voNote: Variant readings only2. (8r-52r) Hálfdanar saga Brönufóstra [Variants]IcelandicCopy of AM 294 4to, Copy of AM 295 4toNote: Variant readings only2.1. (8v-8v) Copy of AM-slipIcelandic, LatinCopy of AM 295 4to3. (52v-54v:11) Skálda saga [Variants]IcelandicCopy of AM 307 4toNote: Variant readings only4. (54v:12-61r) Af Upplendinga konungumIcelandicCopy of AM 307 4to4.1. (61r:11-61r:17) Copy of AM-slipIcelandic5. (61v-87v) Ragnarssona þáttur (defective)IcelandicCopy of AM 307 4toNote: No title.
CodexPaperi, 87, i196mm x 157mm"J Honig et Zoonen", large circular watermark, double lined, writing and image (coat of arms?) inside, crown on top.Contemporary paginationGood160mm x 110mmNoÞorlákur Magnússon ÍsfjörðHum cursivaSole
Info: Chancery for rubrics
  • Initial: slightly decorated intitials and rubrics
  • Paratext: large squiggles and lines
  • Suhm made a note on the verso side of the front flyleaf and signed it "PFSuhm". Notes and marks in the margins.
Moderately decorated
Brown paper on cardboard; leather spine and corners; golden imprint on the spine: title. The manuscript is kept in an additional paper bifolio outside of the binding.
Peter Frederik Suhm: Owner
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