Papp. fol. nr 103
Papp. fol. nr 103 (1700-1749, Sweden)
Kungliga biblioteket, Stockholm
1. (1r:1-57v:11) Örvar-Odds sagaIcelandicCopy of Perg. 4to nr 7.Note: older vers.
CodexPaperiii, 57, iii330mm x 205mmDifferent watermarks: "EW" with a crown and a cross on top; a postal horn on the opposite side. "IBM" and a large round watermark with crown on top and a lion in the center. There is writing around the outside and beneath the lion. On the right side it reads "PROPATRIA".Later foliation: sparse foliation in pencilGoodNote: two columns, outer column blank230-270mm x 103mmNoÞorvaldur BrockmannHum cursivaSole
Info: Probably written by Þorvaldur Brockmann.
  • A few corrections to the text by a later hand, partly in darker ink. On the original front cover, as well as the third front flyleaf, there are several notes and stickers with the the shelfmark, the former shelfmark "L. No 21" as well as the title "Saga af Orvar Oddi".
Moderately decorated (later)
Modern cardboard binding with marbeled paper on the boards; spine and corners in white leather. The golden imprint on the spine reads: "Cod. Isl. Papp. Fol. N:o 103". The front cover of an older binding is preserved and now counted as a flyleaf.
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