NKS 1777 4to
NKS 1777 4to (1680, Denmark)
Det Kongelige Bibliotek, København
1. (1v-1v) Note on textOlaus BorrichiusLatinHafniæ 20 Jilij Anni 1680 Olaus Borrichius2. (2r-2v) IntroductionSamuel ZachariæsönDanishGammelt Nyt: det er Om historie Om Kong Gothrichs oc Kong RollofDanske tunge maal. aff Samuel Zachariæson.3. (3r-37r:10) Gautreks saga [Danish]DanishNote: Danish transl. by Samuel Zachariæsön. [Possibly the same Samuel Zachariasen, Chaplain, mentioned in a 1675 account document from Christiania (Christiania Mandtal paa dend allernaadigste paabudne Familiæ Landhielp for ANNO 1675, in Riksarkivet, Rentekammeret, Byregnskaper, Christiania, pk. E2, Kontribusjonsregnskaper 1664-1684 I.)?]4. (37:11-125v) Hrólfs saga Gautrekssonar [Danish]DanishCap: XVI.Note: Danish transl. by Samuel Zachariæsön
CodexPaperiii, 125, v200mm x 154mmFoolscapLater foliation: later foliation in pencil every tenth pageAverage185mm x 110mmNoUnknownKurrentSole
  • Paratext: a few squiggles
  • On fols. 127r, 128r and 130v, there are several squiggles and test writings. On the last back flyleaf, "Signior Signior" is added. Several notes and additions in the margins, a signature on fol. 2r.
Decorative (contemporary)
Light embossed leather on thin wooden boards. On the covers, there are lines and ornaments embossed. The leather is coming away from the spine. The pastedown is loose and defective. The binding is in poor condition overall.
1680DenmarkNote: Dated ca. 1680 based on the note on fol. 1v.
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