Papp. fol. nr 17
Papp. fol. nr 17 (1630-1670, Denmark)
Kungliga biblioteket, Stockholm
1. (1r-75v) Hrólfs saga GautrekssonarIcelandic, DanishSaga frä Hrölfe GautrekssyneThe Icelandic text is copied from Perg 4to nr. 7Note: older vers., Icelandic text with Danish translation2. (76r-96v) Örvar-Odds saga (defective)Icelandic, DanishSaga fra Ørvar ØddeUm hausted bydur Hjalmar Odde til Svijþjödar, og þvij næst fara þeir Asmundur og Sig:Note: Icelandic text with Danish translation, ends defective3. (97r-132r:8) Mírmanns saga (defective)Icelandic, DanishEnn frä þvij er ad seigja ad sött lyster meistarann, og liet lijf sitt.Note: Beginning missing. Icelandic text with Danish translationNote: Fols. 138v-140v are blank.4. (132r:9-138r) Eiríks saga víðförlaIcelandic, DanishNote: C-vers., Icelandic text with Danish translation5. (141r-182r) Jómsvíkinga sagaIcelandic, DanishCopy of Perg. 4:o nr 7:3.Note: Icelandic text with Danish translation. Only partly in separate colomns, otherwise alternating line by line.6. (185r-200r) Ásmundar saga kappabanaIcelandic, DanishAsmund Käupubanes SageThe Icelandic text is a copy of Perg. 4:o nr 7:4.Note: Icelandic text with Danish transl.
CodexPaperii, 200, i323mm x 200mmA gate with two large towers, one on either side. The gate has a pointy roof and below the image, an 8-like symbol can be seen. On the flyleaves, the watermark is a beehive with floral ornaments around it. Below the hive is '1839', with "HOWARD" on the opposite site.Later foliation: Later foliation with pencil in the outer right corner on ca. every tenth page.Average: Water damage on the upper part of almost all leaves. Some text was lost, some was filled in again later after the leaves were repaired.280mm x 160mmNoPáll HallssonKurrentSole
  • Scholarly comments in the inner margin, partly in Latin. Some additions possibly by the scribe himself. On the first front flyleaf, a later hand noted "Island. Chart. in folio. No 17 s. (Katal. s. 49). Inbunden år 1843 G. O. H. C.". On fol 96r, a later hand added: "membrana n:o 84 fol: 113". On fol. 97r, the title "Mirmiantz saugu fragm." is added.
Moderately decorated (later)
Cardboard binding with leather spine. On the spine, "SAGA fra HROLFE GAUTREKSS. Isl. og Dan.", is imprinted in golden letters.
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