Papp. 4to nr 13
Papp. 4to nr 13 (1670-1680, Iceland)
Kungliga biblioteket, Stockholm
1. (1r-7r) Eiríks saga víðförlaIcelandicNote: A-vers.2. (9r-32v) Bærings sagaIcelandic3. (33r-67r:4) Hrólfs saga krakaIcelandicNote: Primary manuscript.4. (67r:5-82v) Haralds saga hringsbanaIcelandic5. (83r-88v) Þorsteins þáttur bæjarmagnsIcelandic6. (89r-106v:18) Sturlaugs saga starfsamaIcelandicDerived from GKS 1006 fol.Note: older vers.7. (106v:19-119r) Bósa saga (defective)IcelandicNote: older vers., lacking Buslubæn, but most of fol. 109 left blank for it8. (121r-132v) Samsons saga fagraIcelandic9. (133r-144r:6) Clarus saga (defective)Icelandic
CodexPaperii, 144, ii210mm x 165mmNote: The edges are untrimmed, the current folio size is the original one. Sturlaugs saga smaller than the remaining texts. Empty pages at the end of some texts.YesNote: Different watermarks: Watermark with crown and cock. Foolscap. Two lions holding a coat of arms with a crown on topLater paginationAverage: The book is in relatively good condition, has been repaired though.175mm x 120mmCatchwords, not everywhere.Halldór GuðmundssonUnknownMinor
Sigurður JónssonUnknownMinor
Info: Written in up to six different hands, not all of which have been identified. According to Slay, it has not been possible to confirm that any of the hands is Jón Eggertsson's, as Gödel claims. Hrólfs saga kraka is in two hands.
  • Initial: ornamental
  • Paratext
  • Scholarly additions in the margins, mostly on chapters.
Moderately decorated (later)
Good: Modern binding in excellent condition. Coloured paper with white leather spine and corners
1670-1680IcelandNote: The dates written in the manuscript are 1673, 1674, 1676.
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