MS 994
DublinMS 994 (1750-1799)
Trinity College Library and Royal Irish Academy, DublinFormer shelf mark: MS L.2.5
1. (1r-18v) Ketils saga hængsIcelandicKetil Hængs SagaHallbiorn het madr hann var kalladr halftraull.Ketill red fyrir Hrafnistu medan hann lifdi. en Grímur lodinkinni eptir hann. en Ørvar Oddr uar sonr Gríms. ok lýkr hier þessi søgu.Copy of AM 343 a 4to.2. (19r-27v) Gríms saga loðinkinnaIcelandicSvo er sagt af Grími lodinkinna at hann var bædi mikill ok sterkr ok hinn mesti garprCopy of AM 343 a 4to.Note: Blank unpaginated leaf (f. 28) between items 2 and 3.3. (29r-127r) Örvar-Odds sagaIcelandicØrvar-Odds sagaGrímr het madr ok uar kalladr LodinkinniCopy of AM 343 a 4to.Note: Younger version.
CodexSupport material unknowni, 127, ii335mm x 210mmJ Honig & Zoonen; CR with crown; Crowned lion holding sword in fenced enclosure with knight (?) holding sceptre and the words 'Pro Patria'.Contemporary pagination: The items were originally paginated separately but someone has subsequently added consecutive paginaion throughout.Good230mm x 137mmUnknownHum cursivaSole
Info: Same hand as on L.2.1. and L.2.4.
  • Pencil marks on nearly every page indicating points of interest. There are three loose 4to-sized leaves in the front of the codex on which it is written, possibly by Thorkelin, that the three texts are "Ex Membrana in 4to, qvæ exstat in A. Magnæi Bibliotheca, No. 343."
Moderately decorated (contemporary)
Cardboard boards with marbled paper; parchment spine and corners
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