Säfstaholmssamlingen I Papp. 11
Säfstaholmssamlingen I Papp. 11 (1700-1749)
Riksarkivet, Stockholm
1. (1r-96v) Sigurðar saga þöglaIcelandic2. (97r-196v) Sigurðar saga þöglaSwedish3. (199v-220r) Ketils saga hængsSwedishNote: among others Ketils saga hængs4. (224r-232v) Gríms saga loðinkinnaSwedishNote: among others Gríms saga loðinkinna5. (234r-347v) Örvar-Odds sagaSwedishNote: among others Örvar-Odds saga6. (349r-375v) Jarlmanns saga og hermanns7. (376r-410r) Jarlmanns saga og hermannsSwedish
CodexPaperii, 410, ii197mm x 157mmYesContemporary pagination: Runs alongside item 1 from 1-189. Afterwards there is no more pagination/foliation. Where p. 13 should be there is a blank space and the following page bears the number 13. Pp. 69 and 70 are written twice.Good170mm x 125mmItem 1 has catchwords, although many have been trimmed off in binding.Gustaf BondeKurrentMajor
Info: Items 2-5, 7
Info: Item 1
Info: Item 6
  • On the inner front cover there has been written: "Säfstahalmssaml. 11." in pencil.
  • On the first flyleaf a list of the contents of the codex has been written, 5 items under the title "Sagor".
  • On the second front flyleaf, verso, is written: "Vopiscus Scribe, ur bibet, securus quod velis dicas, habiturus mendaciorum comites, quos historica eloquentia miramur auctores."
Moderately decorated (contemporary)
The volume is bound in white parchment with some stains on the front. On the spine there is printed in gilt "SAGOR". On two white labels below are printed: "82" and "F.11". The fore-edge is red.
Gustaf Bonde: Owner
Last update: 2013-04-09



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