AM 576 a 4to
AM 576 a 4to (1660-1695, Iceland)
Stofnun Árna Magnússonar í íslenskum fræðum, Reykjavík
1. (1r-13v) Extracts from different sagasNote: Table of contents written by Jón Ólafsson from Grunnavík in the lower margin of fol. 1r (12 items). According to his register in AM 477 fol. there were 22 items in the manuscript and not 18. 1.1. (1r-1v) Egils saga Skallagrímssonar (defective)IcelandicNote: Snippet, incomplete.1.2. (2r-2v) Hrólfs saga kraka (defective)IcelandicNote: Snippet.1.3. (3r-3v) Bósa saga (defective)IcelandicNote: Snippet, incomplete.1.4. (3v-3v) Króka-Refs saga (defective)IcelandicNote: Snippet, incomplete.1.5. (4r-4r) Harðar saga (defective)IcelandicNote: Snippet, incomplete.1.6. (4r-5r) Njáls saga (defective)IcelandicNote: Snippet.1.7. (5r-6v) Bærings saga (defective)IcelandicNote: Snippet.1.8. (6v-6v) Valdimars saga (defective)IcelandicNote: Snippet, incomplete.1.9. (7r-7v) Víga-Glúms saga (defective)IcelandicNote: Snippet and table of contents.1.10. (7v-9r) Kjalnesinga saga (defective)IcelandicNote: Snippet (incomplete) and table of contents.1.11. (9r-11r) Jökuls þáttur Búasonar (defective)IcelandicNote: Snippet (incomplete) and table of contents.1.12. (10r-10r) Eyrbyggja sagaIcelandicNote: Only table of contents.1.13. (10r-10v) Kjalnesinga sagaIcelandicNote: Only table of contents.1.14. (10v-11r) Jökuls þáttur Búasonar (defective)IcelandicNote: Snippet.1.15. (11r-11v) Víga-Glúms sagaIcelandicNote: Only table of contents.1.16. (12r-13r) Völsunga saga and Ragnars saga loðbrókarIcelandicNote: Only table of contents.1.16.1. (12r-12v) Völsunga saga1.16.2. (12v-13r) Ragnars saga loðbrókar1.17. (13r-13v) Hálfdanar saga EysteinssonarIcelandicNote: Only table of contents.1.18. (13v-13v) Göngu-Hrólfs sagaIcelandicNote: Only table of contents.
CodexPaperi, 13, i209mm x 167mmYesLater foliationPoor182mm x 143mmEinar EyjólfssonKurrentSole
  • Explanations and squiggles in the margins.
  • The names of Þorsteinn Oddsson is written on fol. 4r and Rannveig Oddsdóttir on fol. 6v.
Moderately decorated (later)
Binding from september 1970. Dimensions: 215mm x 190mm x 9mm.
Þorsteinn Oddsson: SignatoryRannveig Oddsdóttir: SignatoryOddur Eyjólfsson: OwnerAutographs of Þorsteinn Oddsson and Rannveig Oddsdóttir, children of Oddur Eyjólfsson the old who married Einar Eyjólfsson's widow, the scribe of the manuscript (from
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