ÍB 152 8vo
ÍB 152 8vo (1817, Iceland)
Landsbókasafn Íslands, Reykjavík
1. (1r-17r) Áns saga bogsveigisIcelandic2. (48v-56r) Ketils saga hængsIcelandic3. (56v-61r) Gríms saga loðinkinna (defective)IcelandicNote: Lacking at the end4. (62r-62r) Lukkusprang (defective)Icelandic
CodexPaperi, 62, iNote: Front and rear flyleaves are modern.163mm x 104mm"Pro patria", "J. HONIG et ZOONEN"Contemporary pagination: Contemporary pagiantion on the lower half of some leaves. Later foliation: Later foliation on every tenth leaf.Poor: Some leaves are in rough shape; torn, worn or stained leading to loss of text especially toward the end of the manuscript. The manuscript has been restored.156mm x 95mmYesHalldór JónssonKurrentSole
  • Initial: Initials decorated in black ink throughout.
  • At the back of the manuscript the poem Lukkusprang has been added. There is some marginalia within the manuscript; fol. 62v is covered in later additions and scribbles.
Plain (later)
Modern binding, leather corners and spine.
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