Engestr. B. III. 1. 19
Engestr. B. III. 1. 19 (1700-1799, Sweden)
Kungliga biblioteket, Stockholm
1. (1r-2r) Króka-Refs saga [extracts]Swedish2. (3r-4r) Eiríks saga víðförla [extracts]Swedish3. (5r-5v) Orms þáttur Stórólfssonar [extracts]Swedish4. (7r-7v) Sigurðar saga fóts [extracts]Swedish5. (9r-9v) Áns saga bogsveigis [extracts]Swedish6. (11r-11r) Sigrgarðs saga frækna Rikarðssonar [extracts]Swedish7. (13r-13r) Gunnars þáttur Þiðrandabana [extracts]Swedish8. (15r-15r) Þorsteins þáttur austfirðings [extracts]Swedish9. (17r-17v) Víglundar saga [extracts]Swedish10. (19r-20v) Grettis saga [extracts]Swedish11. (21r-22v) Ragnars saga loðbrókar [extracts]Swedish12. (23r-23v) Gríms saga loðinkinna [extracts]Swedish13. (25r-25v) Hálfdanar saga Brönufóstra [extracts]Swedish14. (27r-27r) Þorsteins þáttur bæjarmagns [extracts]Swedish15. (29r-29v) Friðþjófs saga [extracts]Swedish16. (31r-31v) Hróa þáttur heimska [extracts]Swedish17. (33r-33r) Rauðulfs þáttur [extracts]Swedish18. (35r-35v) Gunnlaugs saga ormstungu [extracts]Swedish19. (37r-39v) Ólafs saga Tryggvasonar [extracts]Icelandic
CodexPaperi, 39328mm x 206mmMaid of Dort, 'ED Pro Patria'Later foliation: In pencil, only odd number leaves are foliated.Average255mm x 160mmNoNils WessmanKurrentSole
Info: Nils Wessman
Moderately decorated (contemporary)
This volume is bound in grey paper pasted onto cardboard boards. A white label is pasted onto the front. On it is written: "B:III, 1, 19. Islandske sagor(e) Utdrag af Sagor troligen af Assesor Wessman JGL." JGL is presumably J. G. Liljegren, Riksantikvar. On the bottom left-hand side of the front cover there is a small yellow label which reads: "Riks-Bibliotek STOCKHOLM Handskrifter.N: E. S." On the inside front cover an ex-libris has been pasted. It bears a coat of arms - that of Lars von Engeström.
Nils Wessman: OwnerLars von Engeström: Owner
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