Mssu (Ducharme)
Mssu (Ducharme) (1830-1835, USA)
University Library, New Haven, CT
1. (1r-1v) Note on translationEnglishThe translation of Frithiofs Saga as Legend has endeavoured to give the correct meaninggood feeling seem to render it mostly of the hand only of a master1. (2r-4v) Biographical summaryEnglishFrithiof, son of the norwegian Jarl Thorstein, was brought up in the house of Hildingthere he terminated in repose a restless life, leafing two sons Hunthiof and Gunthiof.Translated from the Danish of James Bærens Mænichen, entitled "The Dwarfs (or Ferries) Gods, Fables and Heros of the Northern Nations until the period of Frode the 7th. Copenhagen 1800Translated from Jacob Bærent Møinichen's Nordiske Folks Overtroe, Guder, Fabler og Helte indtil Frode 7 Tider.3. (1v-5r) Frithjofs saga [English]Esaias TegnérJames ThainEnglish, Swedish1. Frithiof and IngegorgOn Hildings lands with his forstering care there grew the filantsNote: With pictures from a Swedish version glued onto the pages
CodexPaperii, 150, ii190mm x 150mmContemporary pagination: Pagination in the centre of the top margin, cut off or left out on some pages.Average: The condition of the leaves is fine, but the binding is falling apart.154mm x 115mmNoJames ThainHum cursivaMajor
  • Other: Large printed illustrations are glued onto the pages
  • Large printed illustrations are glued onto ca. every eighth page. Below the images, a verse of "Frithiof" in Swedish is cited. Dedicational note affixed to inside front cover: "Cecilia Hoyle the gift of her faithful friend, since departed, James Thain." On the second front flyleaf in the same hand, most likely the scribe himself:"Cecilia Hoyle. 10 August 1835."
Decorative (contemporary)
Embossed black leather on cardboard with marbeled paper on the inside. Front board is detached and in poor condition.
Cecilia Hoyle: OwnerJames Thain: Owner
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