NKS 1701 4to
NKS 1701 4to (1750-1799, Denmark)
Det Kongelige Bibliotek, KøbenhavnFormer shelf mark: Suhm's collection no. 95 4to
1. (1r-1v) Table of contentsDanishNote: With a note on the texts' exemplar.1. (2r-89v) Þorsteins saga VíkingssonarIcelandicCopy of AM 345 4to2. (90r-182v) Hervarar saga og HeiðreksIcelandicCopy of AM 345 4to3. (183r-288r) Bósa sagaIcelandicCopy of AM 345 4toNote: Younger vers.
CodexPaperi, 288i, 188mm x 151mmCoin-like watermark with "GR", crown and leaves inside it. Maid of Dort "Patria"Contemporary pagination: Later foliation in pencil only on the first page of items 2 and 3.Good142mm x 98mmNoUnknownHum cursivaSole
Info: Chancery for rubrics; some kurrent on fol. 1r.
  • Initial: rubrics enlarged and different script type
  • Very few scholarly notes in the margins and some underlining. On the front flyleaf and fol. 1r, Suhm made notes which he signed "PFSuhm". A small loose slip with the shelf mark is inserted.
Brown leather binding with fore-edge painted blue; golden imprint on the spine: the title of item 1 and floral ornaments.
Peter Frederik Suhm: Owner
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