NKS 1824 b 4to
NKS 1824 b 4to (1380-1420, Iceland)
Det Kongelige Bibliotek, København
1. (1r-51r:4) Völsunga saga (defective)IcelandicNote: 1st page defective2. (51r:5-79r:3) Ragnars saga loðbrókarIcelandic3. (79r:4-80v) Krákumál (defective)IcelandicNote: Ends in verse 22.
CodexParchment80150-170mm x 100-130mmLater foliation: Later folitation in red. The order of leaves in the last quire has been mixed up during the process of binding. The right order would be fol. 77, 78, 73, 74, 75, 76, 79, 80.Poor: Poor condition due to moisture, especially the first leaf125mm x 90mmOnly three catchwords in the whole manuscript.UnknownCursivaSole
Info: cursiva antiquior; Magnus Olsen claims based on orthography that the leaves 50v-51v as well as a short passage on fol. 19r are written by another hand (cf. M. Olsen 1906-08, xii, lxiii-lxix, lxxvi-lxxviii)
  • Initial: Red initials and rubrics. Some initials show a few ornaments.
  • On fol. 44v and fol. 56v, there are drawings of animals in the margins. On fol. 38r,the name "Magnus Biornsson" from the 17th c. can be read. On fol 55r"Gudmundur Arason" can be read (also 17th c.) On 80v, "LL 1641" can be read. On fol. 38v, there is a note in Latin. Note: In the box for the manuscript, there are three photograph-negatives, two of leaves, one portrait of NKS 1824 b 4to.
Plain (contemporary)
Thick wooden boards with carvings on it (some of them rune-like). Holes for a clasp.
Magnús Björnsson: OwnerBrynjólfur Sveinsson: OwnerÞórarinn Eiríksson: OtherFrederik III Kong af Danmark : OwnerAccording to a note on fol 38r from the 17th c., a certain Magnús Björnsson owned the manuscript. Bishop Brynjólfur Sveinsson had Thórarinn Eiríksson bring the manuscript to King Frederik III.
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