NKS 1793 4to
NKS 1793 4to (1750-1799)
Det Kongelige Bibliotek, KøbenhavnFormer shelf mark: Suhm's collection no. 99 4to
ContemporaryNote: With a comment about the quality of the exemplar1. (1v-1v) Copy of AM-slipIcelandic, Latin2. (2r-155r) Örvar-Odds saga (defective)IcelandicOrvar=Odds-SagaCap: 1Grímur het madr oc var kallaður lodinkinneNú beð ek þess at Guð almáttugur láti aungvan.....Copy of AM 344 a 4to and another, unknown paper manuscriptNote: Copied with the notes from the exemplar as footnotes3. (157r-214v) Örvar-Odds saga [Excerpt]IcelandicCap. xviij.Svo er sagt ad Oddur gieck einn dag fram á biörg nockurok lauk svo þeirra skiptum. Nú situr Oddur i ríki sinn etc.Note: Excerpt from a different manuscript to fill in a missing part (as stated in the preceding note).3. (217v-229v) Örvar-Odds drápaIcelandicHer byriast drápa Ørvar=Odds.Hlyde segger enn ek segia mun,kvediu mína, kem eg ej þar.Note: Meant to be a supplement.
CodexPaperi, 229, iii200mm x 152mmBeehive "JHonig et Zoonen"Contemporary pagination and later foliation: later foliation on a few leaves only.Good155mm x 105mmNoÞorlákur Magnússon ÍsfjörðHum cursivaSole
Info: Rubrics partially in chancery script.
  • Paratext
  • Initial
  • Few notes and comments in the margins, some of them probably by Suhm.
Brown leather binding; fore-edge painted blue; marbled paper on the pastedown; golden imprint on the spine: title and floral ornaments.
Peter Frederik Suhm: Owner
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